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Lighting Design Services Based in Wichita, KS


Better Lighting = Better Security

If you are running an office, you want to make sure that your employees and customers are safe at all hours. A well-lit lot will keep any potential dangers in the light, while also discouraging criminals from approaching. A well lit property allows you to see any obstructions as they arrive, whether you are walking or driving.

Landscape Lighting

With the right accent lighting, you can perfectly highlight your special landscaping. From outdoor gatherings and barbecue parties, to lighting up a business' landscape at night, we can assist with your lighting design.
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Getting the Most of Your Lighting

From simple fan installation to full lighting design in a room, we have what it takes to bring your ideas to life. Are you looking for adjustable, or softer light in a room, or perhaps additional lighting sources? When you call Central States Electric, the possibilities are endless.