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Don't Get Left in the Dark!

Save Time and Money

When severe weather strikes and takes the lights out, you never know how long you might just be sitting in the dark. Don't be stuck waiting without power! A backup generator allows you to continue life, business as usual, without power interruption. Think about all of the money spent heating/cooling your house, or even the food in your fridge and freezer. During a blackout, all of this could go to waste, costing your more headache and money than needed. With a generator, we keep your power, cooling, heating, and refrigeration from going to waste. We can even install an automatic transfer switch, which will power up your generator when power goes out. This saves hassle and headache, while providing a seamless transition in case of a blackout.
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Surge Protection

After all of the valuable time and money you've spent on your electronics, it would be a shame to blow out a tv or special system due to a lightning strike. We can set up full home surge protection to protect your electronics. Small surge protectors that you plug in are not always reliable enough to protect your property. With a full home surge protection, you can save every appliance in your business or home. Don't lose money and get stuck repairing and replacing electronics. Call us today for more information!